Time for Change
Posted on 12 July 2016

Time for Change

When you have lived the same life for decades, built your personal empire, achieved your business goals  and experienced all there is in your corner of the world, then it is time to dream bigger and set your sites  on exotic lands. Living abroad is no longer a fantasy. In this generation, it has not only become possible  but preferable for millions of people around the world. The expatriate way of life is now widely  accepted and distinguished for its mystique and wonder. At your next dinner party, consider the  announcement, “We’ve purchased a mountain home in Costa Rica and hope you will visit during the  holidays.”

Century 21l Realty can make this announcement possible and bring what were just lavish dreams into  existence. If your dream is to wake in the morning, sip a cup of coffee on the veranda, hear only the  birds and see the endless beauty of mother earth, than any mountain home in Costa Rica will do. The  advantage to rural life are the extensive views that go with all properties. To look down into green  tapestry valleys or out to eternal blue horizons, across ridges and peak lines and into dense jungle are all  options from a mountain side home.

Take a look at listings in Alajuela with breathtaking landscapes from the Poás Volcano. Do not worry; it  is dormant. Pass the afternoon watching thick billows of white clouds traverse gleaming blue sky and  wrap themselves around the surrounding mountaintops. Create your paradise on the stretches of land  around your home with trees, gardens or perhaps a horse ranch. From your perch on the slopes of  Poás, look down in the foothills at the tops of evergreens and feel the satisfaction in your piece of  heaven.

If this is a touch too remote, consider overlooking the entire metropolis of the Central Valley living  above downtown Escazu. Here you will be surrounded by mountains and still feel the power of nature  from the reserve around you, but you will only be ten minutes from private education, fine dining and  shopping centers. The exclusive nature of the neighborhoods above the valley ensure the serenity you  are searching for while still providing the comforts and amenities of life back home.

Moving to Costa Rica doesn’t just mean mountain top ranches and remote forested cabins. Senses can  be overloaded in modern opulence in the recently cultivated Papagayo Peninsula. This 5-star residential  resort still offers you abundant privacy with homes spread across 1,400 acres. Stark modernity speckles  8 miles of bluff edges with dramatic views down 11 miles of cerulean coastline. Luxury is never without  amenity as infinity pools provide panoramic vistas of richly painted sunsets and soaring balconies  overlook the Arnold Palmer Signature Course.

So with a little browsing through Century 21’s Costa Rican listings, you will find your perfect home  comfortably nestled in your dream location. Change your life now and discover a world far more  immense and magical right at your doorstep.

Posted by CENTURY 21 on 12 July 2016

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