Expats in Gated Communities
Posted on 12 July 2016

Expats in Gated Communities

When moving to a foreign country, we all experience a twinge of fear, or perhaps of concern,  nervousness or a touch of insecurity. This is normal. We as humans have a tendency to fear the  unknown or embrace it with conditions. A gated community is not an uncommon idea nor is it a bad  idea. There are many benefits to living in a secured neighborhood even if the surrounding environment  doesn’t realistically require the additional precautions. If it gives you peace of mind while sleeping in  your bed or allowing your children to go outside and play, then it is well worth it.

Century 21’s Costa Rican listings can show you many gated communities and residential areas that will  provide you with the security you need to make the leap from your current home and into a new one.  You may relish in the exotic location and feel invigorated by the ethnic beauty portrayed in the  construction of your home. Soak in the tropical sun while lounging on your veranda surrounded by wild  hibiscus and whispering palms breathing in the pure, salt air with nary a thought in your mind.

The idea of a gated neighborhood is exclusivity. Entry to the residences is guarded providing 24-hour a  day protection for your family and friends. You may not own all the land within, but the bike paths,  sidewalks, jogging trails and parks are guaranteed to only be used by your family and those who live  around you. Once you get to know your fellow community members, your feelings of concern will settle  and you may draw comfort from the notion of home.

For mountain views and easy access to quality entertainment, private education and a variety of dining  experiences, try the gated homes in Villa Real located in Santa Ana, San Jose. Here you can easily visit  Escazu, have a night out and return to your private corner of the world. Hours will be lost floating in the  pool situated in your private gardens or napping in the afternoon light streaming through sumptuous  arced windows. Enjoy the coolness of deep, earthen tiles beneath your feet as you wander through  your home. The Spanish architecture will envelop you in tradition seamlessly blended with luxury.

Embrace your inner Balinese royalty in Hacienda Los Sueños, located in Nosara, Guanacaste. This gated  community prides itself on individual exclusion. You will not be aware of your neighbors, nor they of  you. This home is about balancing nature’s majesty with that designed by man. Marble floors shine  from your feet as rock pillars stretch upward to arced ceilings. Sweeping views sapphire ocean span out  in front of you as deep emerald jungle embraces you from behind. With perfect temperatures year  round, windows will forever be open integrating life outdoors.

There are far less eccentric listings available in gated communities and equally lavish listings. Take some  time to peruse each home and its surroundings. Find your perfect balance, the one in which you can  envision a full life. Your future abroad is just waiting to be discovered.

Posted by CENTURY 21 on 12 July 2016

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